astrid steiner

As a film editor I worked on Austrian TV programs like "Sendung ohne Namen", the Red Bull Air Race and internationally acclaimed documentaries. Besides my work in television I focus on live video design for concerts and the performing arts as part of the duo LUMA.LAUNISCH.


TV Demoreel

My professional story of broadcast experience, including sports, documentaries & commercials started 10 years ago. Since then, the course of my career brought me to live in New York, Vienna and London and allowed me to work on international projects, such as the EMMY award winning Red Bull Air Race, the opera M.O.N.E.Y. in New York and many more.

Please download my   CV   for more detailled information.

Demoreel: 1. Red Bull Air Race / 2. Doping in Sports /3. Schoenbrunn - Well of Beauty

The Veil – Promotional Trailer

The spot "The Veil" is a visual remix of contemporary artists' works around the Veil and was broadcast on the CNN screen in Times Square for one month.

Video: res 2K, 30"
Music: Gregor Ladenhauf
on CNN Screen in Times Square New York May 2009

Lookbook Departure

Departure supports company founders and provides targeted funding for companies of Vienna’s creative industries.

The annual report Look/Book 2008 and the video were presented to the public on October 11, 2008, during the Vienna Design Week.

Music: Zanshin





INNENWELTKOSMOS - ken hayakawa & luma.launisch LIVE

Luma.Launisch and Ken Hayakawa enjoy turning the world upside down. Their live show "INNENWELTKOSMOS" depicts a reality that plays by different rules.

Cyrus Teed's vision of a hollow sphere that contains the continents on its inner surface, with a sun rotating in its center becomes the scene for the show INNENWELTKOSMOS.

Premiered as the opening show of the SOUND:FRAME festival 2011 in Vienna.

INVENTIONS & IMPRESSIONS - martin reiter & luma.launisch LIVE

Live Preview 2011
Martin Reiter SOLO PIANO & Luma.Launisch LIVE VISUALS
Video : Luma.Launisch
Musik : Martin Reiter - Song (new CD summer 2011 : Inventions & Impressions)


Qluster - Live Show

"Qluster" is a new formation to follow "Cluster".

Its two main members Joachim Roedelius and Onnen Bock will continue to work under the concept of improvised music with electro-acoustic sound sources that in 1969 Conrad Schnitzler started to realise as "Kluster". "Qluster" will perform with visuals of luma.launisch.


electronic & pop:
Alkinoos Ioannidis, Groove Armada, Apparat, Luciano, Josh Wink, Jimmy Edgar, Akufen, Electric Indigo, Onur Özer, Little Dragon, Shy FX, George Morel, Dorian Concept, Dominik Eulberg, Mocky, Matias Aguayo, Rob Acid, Gustav, Peter Kruder, Richard Dorfmeister & many more

jazz & classical:
Kristjan Järvi's Absolute Ensemble, Zawinul Syndicate, Sound Liberation, Gene Pritsker, Borislav Strulev, Chanda Rule, Daniel Schnyder, Adam Holzman, Brothers Ivanov & many more





60 Seconds Somewhere - Video Installation

What can a place tell you in 60 seconds? What can 25 places in juxtaposition tell you about the world?
These audio-visual portraits capture impressions of urban places, 60 seconds that deconstruct and reassemble a moment. Abstraction as a mean to reveal, not to distort. Multi-layered memories, analogue, warm and full of devotion to a wonderful world.

Video: 25 clips, 60" each, HD, 16:9
Music: Jimmy Edgar (USA), Qluster (D), Gene Pritsker (USA), Chén Dé Bin (CHN), Bernhard Fleischmann (A), Werner Dafeldecker (A), Electric Indigo (A), Ken Hayakawa (A) and many more
premiered on TW1 in 2011

7 Minutes 20 Seconds - exhibited at the ACF New York

7 Minutes 20 Seconds is a loop of my video "WHO ARE YOU? SAID THE CATERPILLAR" and JOHANNES GIRARDONI's installation Passage Room. The video refers to the different aspects of self-perception and identity in contrast with social projection.

Video: 3'40", PAL, 16:9
Music: Gregor Ladenhauf
Exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York
April/May 2009


Other works were exhibited at the CHELSEA ART MUSEUM NY, the EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI, at Athens' BENAKI museum, Kuenstlerhaus Wien and Salon Projektionist.



next LUMA.LAUNISCH live dates

tue, oct 25 : SOUND:FRAME VIENNA VISUALS : TIFF Bell Lightbox : toronto
fri, nov 11 : SEMIBREVE FESTIVAL : luma.launisch & qluster LIVE : braga / portugal